‘No More Guns’


So, this morning whilst having a lie-in, I was on facebook and I saw a post by Washington Press. It was the video of the Parkland Shooting in Florida.

The video said, ‘uncover as this video may contain gore and violence and horror.’

And it made me think; that, violence horror and gore, is what people younger than me had to endure that day, people as young as 14 were shot down in a place of education. In a place where parents want their children to be safe. Where it should be guaranteed, not just hoped for!

In the video, you could see the teenagers using their phones to document it, you can hear the gunshots and you can see people cry. You may think, why bother putting it on social media, but whether it be by Snapchat but the point is that these kids are risking their lives every day by going to school because there is no gun control in America. Because the lack of gun control apparently makes lives easier and safer. They are the only ones who can truly understand what it is like and the world needs to stop being quiet about it and needs to speak up!

How did a gun end up in 19-year-olds hands in the first place?

How did he manage to get into the school?

How many more people have to die before something is done?

The only thing the President of the USA has said is this tweet:


However, when is it going to be realised that prayers and condolences are no longer enough, its okay to pray for someone but you have to fight for them too! Especially as the elected POTUS!

The only one who has the power to do something cannot just send his prayers! He needs to tighten gun control, he needs to be on board with ‘NO MORE GUNS’, he cannot just send out a tweet and wait for the next shooting to come around only to send out the same tweet again.

Prayers are not going to stop the next shooting, but action from the President might.

this is a poem to the one who was never enough

this is a poem

to the person who

will never be enough

the one who looks at the B’s

in her hand and the A’s

forever out of reach


the one who stays up all night

their light slowly dimming

as their eyes grow old

and small and


so tired


this is for the funny one

the could be prettier one

the slim one but could be

skinnier one

the loud one

the too loud one

the ‘why are you so quiet one’


their soul punctured by

the knife of their own


the threads of their healing

open again and again


this is a poem to the person who will never be enough

and that person is




Summer Playlist

You guys might not have asked but I am going to give it to you anyway, here is my summer playlist! Should I start sharing my spotify playlists? Should I do one for every month?

  1. Kiss The Boy by Keiynan Lonsdale.

The ‘Love, Simon’ actor and singer has won my heart this summer, when he came out as Bi/Queer it finally helped me accept elements of my sexuality that I was uncomfortable with. Also when he accepted the MTV movie award for best kiss wearing a beautiful dress, I was in love.


2. Gummy by Brockhampton

I recently discovered this song through a kpop artist that I am obsessed with, and I ended up listening to the whole album called Saturation II, I definitely recommend. I did not realise I would be a fan of rap until I listened to it. ICONIC


3.Fake Love by BTS

The Kings returned with a banger, and a heart wrenching one. Telling a story about how love can change you for the worst, about how you can fall on your own sword, but recognising it helps you release yourself from it. Also, all the theories drive me insane.


4.DDU-DU DDU-DU by Blackpink

Are you aware of how difficult it was to type that? The queen returned with a banger, however, it was slightly problematic due to the fact that one of the members of the group; Jennie, was wearing a bindi on her head as an accessory with no understanding of what a bindi actually means. But it is still a good song, with these girls being the first group to hit 200 million views on youtube.


5. No Vacancy by One Republic

I used to be obsessed with One Republic back in the day, and I had no clue that this was one of their songs, it made me want to fall in love and was an absolute summer banger.

6.Our Page by Shinee

This song devastated me and had me in tears at 4 in the morning, because it made me think of a friend I had lost and other things that had been taken away from me and how moving on can be really hard, and that it takes time and you will never ever be the same really. But you can look back and be happy at the memories instead of just sad.


6. Shoot Me by Day6

I just love angst right? This song was so good, these boys are my absolute favourites and I loved this concept. You could say it SHOOTS ME in the heart.


Well I hope you enjoyed my playlist of songs that got me through the summer, stay tuned for my autumn playlist!




happy pride

(this is late but still relevant)

love is not

a game i

have learnt to


but to all

those who have

those who are


who are in,

who are colourful,

who are scared,

who are brave,

who are needing,

wanting and

loving and


I love you,

we all love you.

Happy Pride!


‘Wakanda Forever’ – Black Panther


So I went to watch Black Panther with my housemates, bare in mind that most of them are huge Marvel fans and I am more of a DC girl. But we had all seen multiple trailers for Black Panther and we were all excited about the hype.

And there was so much to be hyped about! Black Panther was able to distinguish itself from a Marvel film whilst enjoying the role of being a Marvel film.

Ryan Coogler, the director was able to use the template of a Marvel film with all of its action and technology and superheroes, whilst twisting it to present elements of black excellence, with complex and strong characters who all have different battles rather than just fighting the bad guy. The use of Wakanda as a fictional place enabled the representation of all elements and realms of Africa without stereotyping and by celebrating the cultures.

With the costumes design, the sets, the music, and the actors, the theme of pan-African culture were celebrated immensely.

Moreover, the film was able to use Erik Killmonger who whilst being the antagonist of the film was extremely profound. he is an example of the cultural, social wound caused by the transatlantic slave trade.


“Two billion people all over the world who look like us whose lives are much harder, and Wakanda has the tools to liberate them all.

Where was Wakanda?”

Without revealing too much of the film, in this scene where the quote above is present when Killmonger, is scolding the Wakandan court. He tries to liberate all black people in the film, and he feels that Wakanda and T’Challa are not helping with that battle.

When it comes to Marvel antagonists, Killmonger transcends the binaries as it is questionable as to whether he is actually a villain or not, because what is wrong with black liberation? He is an antagonist that sparks debate rather than assuming that he is meant to be the villain.

T’Challa whilst being the protagonist of the film also is quite conservative when it comes to Wakanda, he believes in Wakanda’s isolationism and does not want it to change.

Whereas Lupita Nyong’o’s Nakia seeks to take in refugees, into Wakanda, she like Killmonger wants liberation. However, it can be considered that Killmonger wants liberation through hegemony, but I will let you guys watch the film in order to figure that out.

As well the complex antagonist, Black Panther delivers with strong, complex female characters. Including Lupita Nyong’o’s Nakia, Letitia Wright’s Princess Shuri, and Danai Gurira who plays Okoye. All of the women are beautiful actresses and are in positions of power in the film. Okoye is the general of an all-female army and she celebrates her feminity whilst being a strong warrior who takes no shit.

Nakia whilst being T’Challa’s ex is not defined by that. She is a spy who tries to liberate other people outside of Wakanda and puts other people’s safety before herself. She has a wonderful friendship with Okoye as well which is a bonus.


And, my favourite character is Princess Shuri. She was a 16-year-old genius, she took vibranium and instead of making a shield out of it she helped to power Wakanda. She is wicked smart, funny, also takes no shit. She is also an amazing warrior. As well as being a meme child, her relationship with her brother T’Challa is amazing and funny. She worries about driving on the wrong side of the road during a car chase! What isn’t there to like about her?

Black Panther with its representation, charisma and beauty is a love-letter to black culture. it is not just a Marvel film, it is politically aware which is important in this day and age. There is something for everyone. Including me, just a DC fan. Whether its the representation, the action, the likeable characters or the strong female characters.

I and my housemates loved it and would watch it 10 times over, we hope you guys feel the same!